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Your source for safe, effective natural products.

At Plant Base, we provide safe & effective natural products like our condition-specific herbal capsule blends, formulated by healthcare professionals, to meet your needs and complement your lifestyle. With over 30 years of experience in the natural health industry, we operate with transparency so you can feel confident in the quality and value of your purchase with us. 


Say bye bye to bloated.

Detox is one of our most popular herbal capsule formulas. Slippery elm, fennel, and dandelion promote comprehensive digestion and the addition of senna leaf helps to gently move things along through the digestive tract.*


Stay focused.

Our Memory & Focus capsules feature 400 mg of Ginkgo Biloba per serving along with Gotu Kola, Clove & Lemongrass to help keep your mind sharp throughout your busy day.* 


More absorption. More relief.

Our Arthritis & Joint blend contains powerful natural ingredients with proven anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric extract (95% curcuminoids), Bromelain (extracted from pineapples - 2,400 GDU/g), Ginger root powder, and fine mesh Black Pepper which facilitates better absorption and bioavailability.


Inside --> Out Beauty

Our Hair,  Skin & Nails capsule features Burdock root, Ginkgo, and Oatstraw in a blend with the amino acid, L-Arginine and Biotin (vitamin B7). Natural ingredients that promote increased blood flow throughout the body and facilitate healthy hair, skin and nails. *